Friday, February 27, 2009


As per the survey conducted on “UTILITY OF SOAP”, the findings and questionnaire has been explained in the following lines. The survey was conducted among various group of people belonging to various age groups and various income levels, the statistical data was collected from them and the results are published which could be viewed in the following lines.

The very first question of the survey was taken based on the importance of health that is given by a consumer in purchasing soap. This question was taken to know the awareness of health among public of different age groups. The question goes like this “Do you prefer soap with antiseptic qualities, so that you can be free from the attack of germs?” About 60% of the surveyed people abide by this statement. This shows their personal interest and awareness in getting soap with medicinal qualities.

The second question was framed keeping in mind the pleasant fragrance which contributes a major part in the sale of soap. The question goes like this “Do you prefer soap with pleasant fragrance?” About 50% of the surveyed population considers fragrance to play a pivotal role in choosing their soap. They feel that fragrance may attract people towards them. They prefer to have a soap with pleasant smell rather than a soap with all other qualities other than this .

The third question was based on the looks of soap. This question was asked to know the impact of design of soap upon various age groups of people. The question goes like this “Do you prefer a soap which seem to look attractive?” About 40% of the respondents especially children require a soap which looks attractive. They prefer this because they enjoy with this kind of soap while taking bath.

The fourth question was based on the lather produced by soap while taking bath. This question was asked because some people have a feel that the soap which produces a considerable amount of lather provide a good cleansing action. The question goes like this “Do you prefer soap that gives lather even when used in hard water” About 80% of the respondents have said yes to this statement because in cities majority of the population consume hard water so they require a soap which compromises this condition. The other groups of peoples feel that the soap with good lather formation can contribute a major part towards the cleansing action.

The fifth question depends on the brand which public prefer and the question is “Do you prefer to use soap of a company which is new” About 90% of the respondents have replied nay to this statement. This shows their attitude towards a company which is started new. They feel that a new company won’t produce soap with standard quality.

All these questions were taken to know whether the people even in this rushing competitive world pay attention in buying a soap of good quality. The survey was taken for the sake of pubic

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  1. Farashath,
    Your survey reads very well. I appreciate you for followign the format. There are few corrections which I want you to make.
    1. never begin the report or an essay as, 'as per....'. Mention the idea directly.
    2. Do not write the interpretation of data in a naive manner. Try to mention the points in a subtle manner. Readers will be able to understant your views easily.
    3. Your conclusion is very brief.