Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Check list (Swine flu)

1.Do you cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze?
2.Do you wash your hands frequently with soap or water, before and after touching your nose, mouth?
3.Do you avoid crowded places and gatherings?
4.Do you remain an arm's distance from people affected with symptoms of swine flu like fever,cough etc? you sleep well,stay physically active and manage stress?
6.Do you drink plenty of water and eat nutritious food?
7.Do you take medicines without consulting the physician?
8.Do you spit in public places?
9.Do you use tissues and dispose them carefully?

Monday, May 4, 2009


Subash Chandra Bose was a (brave man and sacrificed) his life for the sake of India and her independence.Having passed in Civil service examination which was considered to be a tedious task during those days. He left his carrier for the sake of nation.He was greatly influenced by M.K.Gandhi and his struggle for Independence.He joined I.N.C and became the prsident during 1938.After few years he came out of congress and started Azad Hind Fauj.He went to Japan and several othe countries in order to gather funds for his army .He was a successful man in that point of gathering support. The army led by Bose with its might was able to defeat the Britishers in Kohima and Andaman .But the army was not strong enough to defeat the great army of Britishers.They were defeated and Bose flew away.His death till now is a mystrey .Iam inspired by his (braveness, sacrificing nature, patriotism towards country,Will power),etc.

Task 6

1. Is it IN the classroom?
2. Is that placed IN girl's row?
3. Is that placed IN the row where we are seated?
4. Is it IN the first 3 benches?
5. Is it IN the last 2?
6. Is it ON the table?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Comments on the tasks posted till date

I would like to thank u for giving us this opportunity. I really enjoyed doing this. To be frank this has really enhanced my vocabulary. This has increased my affinity toward the language. Each task was different from the other and I had a wide exposure in completing this tasks.
I learnt various technical terms and kanwledge upon various instruments. I think this will have an impact in the communication laboratory which we need to do in the forecoming years.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Pixel is short for picture element and is the term used for each of the small dots of colour on a computer screen which make up a picture. It also refers to the small receivers on IP camera sensors which transfer the light recieved into data.

Each pixel has a colour value of red, green and blue. Varying the values of these three colours will alter the overall colour of the pixel. With IP cameras, the sensor records the red, green and blue values for each of these pixels and then transmits the values to your computer, which then rebuilds them in an image on your screen.

The word is a combination of picture and element, via pix. Pix was first coined in 1932 in a variety magazine headline, as an abbreviation for the word pictures, in reference to movies. By 1938, "pix" was being used in reference to still pictures by photojournalists.

A pixel does not need to be rendered as a small square. This image shows alternative ways of reconstructing an image from a set of pixel values, using dots, lines, or smooth filtering.

A pixel is generally thought of as the smallest single component of a digital image. The definition is highly context-sensitive. For example, there can be "printed pixels" in a page, or pixels carried by electronic signals, or represented by digital values, or pixels on a display device, or pixels in a digital camera (photosensor elements). This list is not exhaustive, and depending on context, there are several terms that are synonymous in particular contexts, such as pel, sample, byte, bit, dot, spot, etc. The term "pixels" can be used in the abstract, or as a unit of measure, in particular when using pixels as a measure of resolution, such as: 2400 pixels per inch, 640 pixels per line, or spaced 10 pixels apart.

This technology is a boon as it has made the work of many technicians easier.

Friday, February 27, 2009


As per the survey conducted on “UTILITY OF SOAP”, the findings and questionnaire has been explained in the following lines. The survey was conducted among various group of people belonging to various age groups and various income levels, the statistical data was collected from them and the results are published which could be viewed in the following lines.

The very first question of the survey was taken based on the importance of health that is given by a consumer in purchasing soap. This question was taken to know the awareness of health among public of different age groups. The question goes like this “Do you prefer soap with antiseptic qualities, so that you can be free from the attack of germs?” About 60% of the surveyed people abide by this statement. This shows their personal interest and awareness in getting soap with medicinal qualities.

The second question was framed keeping in mind the pleasant fragrance which contributes a major part in the sale of soap. The question goes like this “Do you prefer soap with pleasant fragrance?” About 50% of the surveyed population considers fragrance to play a pivotal role in choosing their soap. They feel that fragrance may attract people towards them. They prefer to have a soap with pleasant smell rather than a soap with all other qualities other than this .

The third question was based on the looks of soap. This question was asked to know the impact of design of soap upon various age groups of people. The question goes like this “Do you prefer a soap which seem to look attractive?” About 40% of the respondents especially children require a soap which looks attractive. They prefer this because they enjoy with this kind of soap while taking bath.

The fourth question was based on the lather produced by soap while taking bath. This question was asked because some people have a feel that the soap which produces a considerable amount of lather provide a good cleansing action. The question goes like this “Do you prefer soap that gives lather even when used in hard water” About 80% of the respondents have said yes to this statement because in cities majority of the population consume hard water so they require a soap which compromises this condition. The other groups of peoples feel that the soap with good lather formation can contribute a major part towards the cleansing action.

The fifth question depends on the brand which public prefer and the question is “Do you prefer to use soap of a company which is new” About 90% of the respondents have replied nay to this statement. This shows their attitude towards a company which is started new. They feel that a new company won’t produce soap with standard quality.

All these questions were taken to know whether the people even in this rushing competitive world pay attention in buying a soap of good quality. The survey was taken for the sake of pubic

Saturday, February 21, 2009


The branches of technology in various fields govern the present day world. The development of technology has made the present day man to have access to any part of the world through computer via internet, which is really considered to be a boon of the technical development .With the development of cell phones one can talk with their friends or relatives from one part of the world to other part. With the help of video conferencing one can have a clear view of their friends present overseas. With the discovery of modern machineries and vehicles one can get on to any part of the world within a short duration of time. In the field of medicine technology has played a vital role. With the help of modern equipments for operation and treatment, there is a gradual decrease in the death rate and the life expectancy is found to be increased when compared to the olden days. With the discovery of vaccination and many other modern equipments various diseases such as typhoid, cholera can be treated within no time which was earlier considered to be fatal. With the discovery of transplantation technique and dialysis one need not suffer from their physical impairment for their entire life time. Technology has taken various forms in the field of education. A student present in any part of the world can have access to a teacher via internet through e-learning technique. With the introduction of this concept one need not take the trouble of traveling a long distance. By accessing the net we can have knowledge in various fields. Technology has played a vital role in the development of industries. By imparting the technique of automation, machineries are capable of running on their own without any human interpretation. This has made the operation of machines easier which was considered to be fatal many decades ago. With the introduction of various modes of transportation such as bullet trains and jet flights, one can travel from India to U.S within a day or two which took months in earlier days. Even though the development of technology has led to various changes in human life it also carries many drawbacks with it. First and foremost thing is that it has made man lazy. With the increase in machineries has led to the major cause for pollution. With the rays that is emitted from cell phones has led to the impairment of fetus and causes damage to human brain.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

About me

well , im a straight forward person who have some fear towards god and would like to enjoy with my friends(though i dont have much).Im clear in one point that my enjoyement shall not lead to the disappoinment or hurting others feelings as I value the hearts of others around me..