Saturday, February 21, 2009


The branches of technology in various fields govern the present day world. The development of technology has made the present day man to have access to any part of the world through computer via internet, which is really considered to be a boon of the technical development .With the development of cell phones one can talk with their friends or relatives from one part of the world to other part. With the help of video conferencing one can have a clear view of their friends present overseas. With the discovery of modern machineries and vehicles one can get on to any part of the world within a short duration of time. In the field of medicine technology has played a vital role. With the help of modern equipments for operation and treatment, there is a gradual decrease in the death rate and the life expectancy is found to be increased when compared to the olden days. With the discovery of vaccination and many other modern equipments various diseases such as typhoid, cholera can be treated within no time which was earlier considered to be fatal. With the discovery of transplantation technique and dialysis one need not suffer from their physical impairment for their entire life time. Technology has taken various forms in the field of education. A student present in any part of the world can have access to a teacher via internet through e-learning technique. With the introduction of this concept one need not take the trouble of traveling a long distance. By accessing the net we can have knowledge in various fields. Technology has played a vital role in the development of industries. By imparting the technique of automation, machineries are capable of running on their own without any human interpretation. This has made the operation of machines easier which was considered to be fatal many decades ago. With the introduction of various modes of transportation such as bullet trains and jet flights, one can travel from India to U.S within a day or two which took months in earlier days. Even though the development of technology has led to various changes in human life it also carries many drawbacks with it. First and foremost thing is that it has made man lazy. With the increase in machineries has led to the major cause for pollution. With the rays that is emitted from cell phones has led to the impairment of fetus and causes damage to human brain.


  1. Farashath,
    You have dealt with the task effeciently. However a few tips for improving on your contribution.
    1. Provide paragraph division.
    2. deal with one main point in a paragraph. ie. segregate the impact of technology in different sector seperatly.
    3. provide a proper conclusion.
    4. Sequence words like, 'to begin with' ,'first and foremost' have to used appropriately.